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What is Tickaroo?

Tickaroo levels the playing field in LIVE Sports- and News-casting. Create your own personalized, multimedia livecast in mere seconds, and share it with your readers all over the world.

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Optimized for all Sports

Boasting a variety of sports templates with specialized event buttons, Tickaroo lets you easily insert content that is relevant to your readers – right when it happens.

LIVE for Your Team or Club

Find your team on Tickaroo! Help your fans stay up-to-date with all the hottest information, from friendlies to peak season games!

Cover Your Team

Become a sportscaster for your team! With player tagging, ensure that your fans know who the heroes are in your professional-looking sportscasts.

Share Your Passion

Share your sportscasts on Facebook and Twitter. Integrate the sportscasts into your team site. Give your fans the opportunity to cheer you on, and get props from your supporters in the comments.

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Professional Live Sports Coverage

With the Pro Package, you can integrate real-time sports data directly into your websites and CMS. You take care of the sportscasting, and we’ll take care of the rest. Professional. Scalable. Failsafe.

  • Customizable widgets
  • CMS integration
  • API access
  • and so much more!!

Tickaroo PRO.NEWS

Professional Live News Coverage

With the Pro News managerial tool, ensure your breaking news is presented to your audiences in top form!

  • Report on-the-scene with our mobile news-reporting platform
  • Upload Text, Pictures and Videos
  • Embed Social Media posts
  • Seamlessly integrate content into your own websites or apps

Our Mission

Team Tickaroo aims to level the playing field in Live Sportscasting

A small group of German innovators took their experience from working with some of the largest sports media companies in Europe and created an app so all teams and sports could have the opportunity to shine, even if traditional media avenues weren't taking notice.

Over the past few years, we have grown from 4 to 24 employees. Composed of athletes and ultimate fans, our team's focus on providing the best technology for all sports remains the same. With team members from all over the world, we have a rich variety of perspectives and insights to make our product meaningful on a global scale.

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