Live Reporting for Everyone! Easy to use. Easy to integrate into your apps and websites!

Manage Reporters

With the Tickaroo Pro Tool, you can allocate permisson to, invite, and manage fan and professional reporters.

  • add users
  • import users
  • set user roles
  • send invitations
Sreenshot of Tickaroo Pro interface
Sreenshot of Tickaroo Pro interface

Editorial Liveblogging

  • manage livecontent
  • tag liveblogs
  • allow comments

Storytelling in Real-time

Report Where the Action is Happening

Our Apps for iOS and Android are equipped with an advanced syncronization technology that allows you to cooperate with other reporters on one liveblog.

The app has on- and offline modes. Upload videos, photos and add social media posts to your livecasts.

  • apps (iOS, Android, Web)
  • video recording
  • photos
  • social media posts
  • advanced syncronization
  • offline function

Custom Seamless Integration

  • JS

  • API

  • Live Center

  • Mobile SDK

Integrate your livecontent into your CMS workflow of your site or even as mobile sdk into your apps.

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